七年级英语作文 篇1

esterda was sunda.it was thirteenthbirthda.i gt up ver earl in the rninganf put n clthes happil. parentsbught e the new clthes as birthdapresents.i invited an f classates tce t birthda part in the evening. inthe evering ,ang f lassates cae t he . the bught e a lt f beautifulpresents. the all said "happ birthda t u!" at the end f the part , we ate the birthdacae and se ther delicius fd . Hw happ I was!

M father is bus n weedas but he is freen weeends. He lie plaing sprt with en Saturda rning. We ften plabasetball r table tennis. In the afternnhe ften helps e with hewr. Inthe evening we watch cartns. OnSundas he ften taes e t the pars.Seties we g t The Suer Palaceand seties we g t Zhngshan Par.M father usuall has a happ and clrfulweeends.

七年级英语作文 篇2

I think my school life is very colorful. Every day, I go to school to have classes with my classmates and dear teachers. I like be there with them.

Not only have I learned knowledge, but also share the happiness together.

In the spare time ,we also do some sports games. I enjoy my school life very much.

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七年级英语作文 篇4

Qing Ming is a time to remember the dead and the dearly departed. More important, it is a period to honour and to pay respect to one's deceased ancestors and family members. Because it reinforces the ethic of filial piety, Qing Ming is a major Chinese festival.


Literally meaning "clear" (Qing) and "bright" (Ming), this Chinese festival falls in early spring, on the 106th day after the winter solstice. It is a "spring" festival, and it is an occasion for the whole family to leave the home and to sweep the graves of their forebears. Chinese being practical people this sweeping of the graves is given an extended period, that is, 10 days before and after Qing Ming day. Among some dialect groups a whole month is allocated.


七年级英语作文 篇5

i spent this holiday very quick, on the 1st may, we went to the zoo, there were crowded there, so many travelers coming from all over the country to have some fun during the holidays.on 2nd may, i visited my relatives with my parents, we had a great lunch together, the resturant were crowded as well.on 3rd may, we went to shopping in the mall, after the shopping we went to watch a new movie. all the other days lefti didn’t go anywhere, no only becasue i still have some homework,but also there were almost all crowded in everywhere!


七年级英语作文 篇6

My Class there are fifty-two students in my class. we have different likes and dislikes, but we all have a great goal. we study together. we play together. we talk to each other. we help each other. we are friendly to each other. our class is like a big family. we are very happy.

we have many teachers. they are very kind. they are always nice to us.

they make us study very very hard. all my teachers always encourage us to learn all subjects well.

七年级英语作文 篇7

Happy family

I have happy family, it is my father, my mother and me.

My father is very fat, he is a civil servant, he works very hard.. Father is very funny, put my family very happy. I’m very happy.

My mother is very thin, she is civil servant, too. She is a good cooker, she cooks food for everybody. She is quiet, and she likes books and swimming.

I’m a little girl in the family, maybe I’ll be a writer. I like hamburger, chips, books, swim.

This is my happy family!

班主任评语:Very good!This is a good speech!今天有了很大的进步,继续努力!只要你用心写,也可以写出很多的,继续加油!要开心一点,心情好了就可以学得更好!

七年级英语作文 篇8

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important Chinese festival.It’s on the fifth of August.We can hang lanterns in the house.In the evening,we have a big dinner.Look,there is lots of food on the table.They are chicken,fish,crabs and so on.They’re very delicious.

We can drink a glass of juice.We stand beside the table and we say,“Cheers,cheers,happy Mid-Autumn Festival!” We make a wish to each other.At night,the moon is usually round and bright.

It looks like a ball.We can enjoy the moon.Moon cakes are the special food for this festival.We can eat moon cakes,too.In the Mid-Autumn Festival,my parents and I are all very happy and excited.

七年级英语作文 篇9

The ancients cloud: "reading to learn." Reading another benefit, is the people to cultivate noble moral character, know the book of rites.

The bacon once said: "books are in the waves of sailing ship to the thought of The Times, it takes careful gave precious goods to generation after generation." The ancient tradition of famous people, such as respect, cherish the time, fools, etc., were later recorded in the book, the nature, read it, understand the truth, can be used, will become a moral person.

Whether Chinese or foreign, have been a lot of celebrities, and the story of these celebrities, their diligence, hard work, also are weaved.




七年级英语作文 篇10

The mother line, wandering clothing leaving thick seam, Italy to the fear of delay who grass-inch heart, reported in the apartments?" The famous Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao's several lines, lively and vivid expression of the mother's deep affection and gratitude to their mother.

Mother love is great, the love of my mother 's meticulous mother not only in the everywhere in the life care, often inquire after sb.'s life, still learning encouragement, be good at giving systematic guidance mother usually tells me, great and little famous scientists study hard story, teach me to want to be example with them, learn from them, to do a a diligent, civilized, polite good all-round development of children a mother to me like the spring sunshine brings me warmth as in reading daughter, I always warn myself to study hard, with excellent results to repay his mother.

Today is mother's day, it is Sunday, I changed the previous Sunday the habit of sleep, make one's way noiselessly to ground up, took out two eggs from the refrigerator, and then imitate the grandmother usually boiled method, in the pot with water, lit the gas stove after the water is boiled in boiling water, to beat two eggs, not while the two white oval eggs in a pot in the formation of a I turn off the gas, from the cabinet took out two bowls, each bowl with each containing an egg, a bowl for the grandmother, a bowl to the mother.

When my mother took me on the egg, excitedly asked me:" how do you think of this to my eggs?" I smiled and said to her mother:" your grandmother and prepare breakfast for me, today is mother's day, I think I made a breakfast as a mother's Day gift for you!" Listen to me, my mother hugged me and said: " you are a good boy!" My mother and I tightly hold together, my heart welled up in a warm heat flux.

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